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Notes from Todd

Fun Bee Facts

It is estimated that bees have been making honey for approximately 150 million years. Read below to learn a few additional fun facts about bees!

* To make one pound of honey, bees within a colony visit 2 million flowers, fly the distance of two times around the earth and will equate to the lifetime work of 300 bees.
* In a normal harvest year, a beehive can produce 400 pounds of honey.
* While there are over 20,000 species of bees, only 4 are honey producing.

* Drones are male bees and don't have stingers.

* Worker bees are female.

  • Nurse bees feed the queen bee and larvae.
  • Guard bees protect the hive from danger.
  • Scout bees locate new hives.
  • Undertaker bees keep the hive free from disease.

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